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Ashbourne-Golf-July-2014-131Moving your ball marker when requested: 
Your opponent or fellow-competitor can ask you to move your ball marker for either physical or mental interference and you should use a small coin or marker. Note the word ‘should’ here! 

If you have already marked your ball, you place the heel of your putter alongside your marker and line up the toe of it with a fixed object on the course (e.g. a tree). Pick up your marker and place it in front of the toe. Remember to replace your marker using the reverse procedure. The penalty is harsh for forgetting: two strokes in stroke play and you replay from the original spot (but disqualification if you fail to do this) and loss of the hole in match play. 

If you have not yet marked your ball when asked to move it, you may mark it using the heel of the putter at the side of your ball and again, line up the toe with a fixed object and place a marker in front of the toe. When reversing the procedure, you replace the ball at the heel of your putter (not the marker). 

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