Men’s Winter League Team Scores

The Winter League scoring is determined as follows;

  • Scoring will be based on the individual Player’s returns from the regular weekend Singles Stableford competitions
  • Individual Players can only contribute 1 score toward their team each weekend, ie. if a Player plays on both Sat & Sun over a weekend then only his best score will count toward the team score
  • Each week the team score is based on the best 3 scores from the team members.
    *Note: if there is only golf on one day over the weekend, ie. Saturday or Sunday, then the team score will be based on the best 2 scores


The following are the weekly individual and team scores;


Note:  The points allocated for the Winter League will mirror that of the Golfer of the Year.

Points will be allocated based on how a player performs against the Par on the day, eg. for a 14 hole competition par would be 28 pts.

Points are then awarded as follows;

  • 10 Winter League points for equalling the Par on the day
  • Addition of 1 Winter League point for each point better than Par
  • Reduction of 1 Winter League point for each point worse than Par
  • No Winter League points are awarded for Stableford scores 9 pts less than Par, ie. there are no negative scores


The Singles Stableford scores will be extracted directly from HowDidIDo

*Please ensure you enter your score on the computer so that your score can count.
Also ensure to verify that the correct scores are entered for each hole as per your scorecard.

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