Men’s Golfer of the Year



Event Date CSS
April Medal 29/04/2018 72
May Medal 05/05/2018 71
Professional’s Prize 27/05/2018 71
June Medal 17/06/2018 71
Captain’s Prize 14/07/2018 70
July Medal 28/07/2018 69
President’s Prize 11/08/2018 70
August Medal 25/08/2018 70
September Medal 16/09/2018 70

The Order of Merit ranking points will be allocated based on how a player performs against the Competition Standard Scratch (CSS). Points are awarded as follows;

  • 10 points for equalling the CSS
  • Addition of 1 point for each stroke better than the CSS
  • Reduction of 1 point for each stroke worse than the CSS
  • No points are awarded for scores greater than the CSS + 9, ie. no negative scores

There are a total of 9 qualifying events;

  • The Captain’s Prize
  • The President’s Prize
  • The 6x Monthly Medals
  • The Professional’s Prize

Each competitor’s best 6 scores from the 9 qualifying events will count toward their Order of Merit ranking.
Additional bonus points are awarded for;

  • Captain’s Prize: 1st, 2nd, Gross, 3rd, 4th (*5, 4, 3, 2, 1 bonus points respectively)
  • Singles MatchPlay: Winner & Runner-up (*10 & 5 bonus points respectively)

In the event of a tie in the final Order of Merit standings the “Golfer of the Year” will be determined via a countback as follows;

  • Last 3 counting scores*
  • Then the last 2 counting scores*
  • Then the last counting score*

*if applicable bonus points are included in a countback scenario, ie.; Singles MatchPlay and Captain’s Prize (if the Captain’s Prize is one of the ‘last # counting scores’)

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