Men’s Golfer of the Year

Event Date CSS
April Medal 21/07/2019 71
May Medal 01/09/2019 72
Professional’s Prize 25/05/2019 71
June Medal 16/06/2019 72
Captain’s Prize 13/07/2019 72
July Medal 27/07/2019 71
President’s Prize 05/10/2019 72
August Medal 24/08/2019 72
September Medal 15/09/2019 72

The Order of Merit ranking points will be allocated based on how a player performs against the Competition Standard Scratch (CSS). Points are awarded as follows;

  • 10 points for equalling the CSS
  • Addition of 1 point for each stroke better than the CSS
  • Reduction of 1 point for each stroke worse than the CSS
  • No points are awarded for scores greater than the CSS + 9, ie. no negative scores

There are a total of 9 qualifying events;

  • The Captain’s Prize
  • The President’s Prize
  • The 6x Monthly Medals
  • The Professional’s Prize

Each competitor’s best 6 scores from the 9 qualifying events will count toward their Order of Merit ranking.
(*Note: if a qualifying event is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled in the
2019 calendar, the Competitions Committee reserves the right to reduce the
number of counting scores from 6)

Additional bonus points are awarded for;

  • Captain’s Prize: 1st, 2nd, Gross, 3rd, 4th (*5, 4, 3, 2, 1 bonus points respectively)
  • Singles MatchPlay: Winner & Runner-up (*10 & 5 bonus points respectively)

In the event of a tie in the final Order of Merit standings the “Golfer of the Year” will be determined via a countback as follows;

  • Last 3 counting scores*
  • Then the last 2 counting scores*
  • Then the last counting score*

*if applicable bonus points are included in a countback scenario, ie.; Singles MatchPlay and Captain’s Prize (if the Captain’s Prize is one of the ‘last # counting scores’)

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